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AK Irrigation Rebrands, Renames & Grows by Joining Conserva Irrigation Family

AK Irrigation Rebrands, Renames & Grows by Joining Conserva Irrigation Family

Conserva Irrigation is always looking towards the future and identifying the best growth opportunities for our irrigation franchise company. On the other hand, AK Irrigation in Columbus, Ohio was growing so quickly, it was putting a serious strain on the small yet popular irrigation company. What was the solution?

We are happy to announce that AK Irrigation is now officially part of the Conserva Irrigation family! With years and years as the trusted local name for irrigation services in Columbus, AK Irrigation has an outstanding customer loyalty base. After being folded into Conserva Irrigation through a successful franchise venture, the list of customers — approximate 2,500 clients at the time of this writing — will only continue to grow.

Aaron Knepp, the owner of AK Irrigation, recently reached out to Conserva Irrigation and our founder, Russ Jundt, to get a better understanding of what becoming a franchisee of our company would really mean. After the initial meeting, both parties knew there was a great opportunity here that could not be passed up. Under the Conserva Irrigation name, the former AK Irrigation is ready to grow, and we are ready to support and guide them with our industry-leading methods and focus on water conservation.

All of the AK Irrigation trucks and equipment are now rebranded as Conserva Irrigation, save for a small seal on some of the company vehicles to make the update easier to understand for their customers. What is really promising is the fact that no employees left during the transition from AK Irrigation to Conserva Irrigation. All team members are onboard, eager to learn, and ready to continue doing amazing work for homeowners all around the greater Columbus metropolitan area.

From all of us at Conserva Irrigation’s franchise headquarters, we send a heartfelt hello to Aaron and his team. Welcome to the top name in irrigation franchise companies from coast-to-coast!

To learn more about how AK Irrigation joined Conserva Irrigation, you can click here to view a full article about it from Total Landscape Care®. If you want to join our irrigation franchise company as a new franchisee, too, please feel free to review our investment requirements, steps to ownership, and how to get started. We are always looking for irrigation experts and passionate entrepreneurs to grow our company and help even more property owners save bigon water consumption through intelligent water conservation methods!