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Hear from Our Franchisees

  • Juan and Ellie Lamonica

    "While exploring different business opportunities, irrigation was last on our list of potential industries -- as I'm sure it is for most people. But becoming a franchisee of Conserva ended up being the best business decision we ever made. The success we've experienced in just three years has far surpassed all of our expectations, and we're more excited than ever to see what the next three years can bring. The support we've seen from both the growing network of franchisees and the corporate team at Outdoor Living Brands is truly unmatched. We've been provided with invaluable resources, insight from experienced industry professionals and best practices from the very beginning. You can't ask for a better "business in a box" than Conserva Irrigation."

  • Jay and Pam Griffith & Bill and Dawn Hester

    "We are ecstatic to be a part of this awesome team! To us the Conserva Brand represents the highest of standards and superior quality; this comes through in everything Conserva does. The quality of support from the Franchisor is nothing less than fantastic; they are always there when we need their support. It is clear our best interest is paramount. The Franchisor continually innovates in support of the platform while ensuring that our operation gets max benefit. The products and services are an easy sell as conserving our natural resources and saving our customers money starts with our brand-name and ends with an awesome landscape. This industry will continue to grow and we are excited every day to be a part of it!"

  • Humberto Manzano

    "I love the total support that we continuously receive from our leadership team at Conserva Irrigation; they play a crucial role in taking our business to the next level and making great efforts, so we all become leaders in the irrigation industry. I also enjoy the cultural diversity in Conserva Irrigation; it shows how they understand and respect different cultures and backgrounds, allowing us to look at the business from different angles and build trust in the brand."

  • Jeff Labrecque

    "Conserva is great for a number of reasons. I enjoy facing the daily challenges of business ownership knowing I have an amazing team as well as outstanding support from the Franchisor. Getting out of an office to troubleshoot, problem-solve and interact with our awesome customer base is so much better than being parked behind a desk all day! We’re also in an industry that’s growing organically so I’m very excited about the long-term potential to build a significant business."

  • Vanesa Ellis

    "We love what Conserva Irrigation stands for, and we couldn't be happier to be part of it. The corporate support and camaraderie among the franchisees are by far the best in its class and most important, Conserva Irrigation is helping to eliminate the water waste issue that our planet deals with every day. We are saving our clients money and we're using eco-friendly, water-saving techniques to help our clientele enjoy their beautiful landscape. It's a win for all parties involved, from an environmental and economic standpoint."

  • Mike Ferrara, Franchisee

    "What attracted me to Conserva Irrigation was the opportunity to own my own business. My family and I moved down to south Florida because water is a precious resource in the state of Florida and with the background and knowledge that I have I thought I could make a difference in our community "

  • Dean Ives, Franchisee

    "I was looking for a way to expand my business in terms of revenue but I was also looking for something that would be impactful for all of my customers and I think through the Conserva model that is something we can definitely do. Not only are we going to be able to save them money in their irrigation cost, but we’re going to be able to save the finite resource that we all share which is our fresh water and I think that’s important, that’s what makes the model. "

  • Jonah Dagle, Franchisee

    "What drew me to Conserva Irrigation was the fact that the landscaping and snow plowing company that I run did not have an irrigation side of our business. The Conserva model was proven, it was tried and true and it was a simple fit, easy choice, and a great decision. "