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Conserva Irrigation® is proud to offer exciting franchise opportunities for lawn care professionals interested in running a successful business while upholding our motto of living well. We know that investing in a franchise is a big decision, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re happy to speak with you.

Why should I franchise when I could start my own business from scratch?

You could open your own irrigation business from square one, but your chances of success are much higher when you partner with an established brand. As a franchise owner, you’ll be in control of your own business, but you’ll have the backing and support of a company that has done the hard work for you (and made the expensive mistakes).

Conserva Irrigation keeps you informed of industry trends and advancements, provides you with marketing strategies and a tried-and-true business model, and delivers opportunities for you to serve major national accounts. When you invest in our irrigation franchise, you’ll be able to dive in and get to work beautifying clients’ properties, rather than devoting too much time to all of the little details that come with starting a brand-new business.

How does Conserva Irrigation fit into the Empower Brands™ family?

Empower Brands™ comprises Archadeck Outdoor Living™, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives™, and Conserva Irrigation®. Together, our collective of outdoor property service brands covers a vast array of outdoor living needs. Archadeck designs and builds beautiful outdoor living structures. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives™ will ensure everything is illuminated.

Finally, Conserva Irrigation keeps things lush and green. Our family of brands gives clients the solutions for all their outdoor living needs and, as a Conserva Irrigation franchise owner, you’ll enjoy built-in cross-promotion.

What makes Conserva Irrigation different?

We focus our entire business on irrigation. That’s it! This allows us to do one thing exceptionally well, rather than spreading ourselves too thin with several services. At Conserva Irrigation, we keep things green—literally and figuratively. We strive to provide irrigation services that conserve water as efficiently as possible to reduce water waste and lower clients’ water bills while still beautifying their landscapes. Our proprietary System Efficiency Score® (SES®) and Commercial Site Assessment™ (CSA™) protocols help us analyze water usage and zero in on areas we can improve. As a Conserva franchise owner, you’ll be investing in a “feel good,” “do good” business.

How can I finance my franchise investment?

Everyone comes to the table with a different financial situation. During your initial discovery conversation, we can discuss the specific costs and anticipated investment, as well as potential financing scenarios to determine what might work best for you. Common financial solutions include SBA loans, traditional bank loans, 401(k) rollovers, savings, friends and family, HELCO's, and lines of credit, among others. In some situations, we can provide financing for a portion of the franchise fee. Visit our Investment Information page or call us at +1 (804) 486-7110 for more details.

What kind of support will I receive from Conserva Irrigation?

We know that when you succeed, we succeed. We want to give you every advantage on the road to building your business, so we provide you with access to everything you’ll need. We offer ongoing training, proven field protocols, and streamlined scheduling and business management software. You’ll even have the opportunity to work on our valuable national accounts to jumpstart your local reputation.

Can I Grow a Successful Irrigation Business in a Market That Has Cold Winters?

Conserva Irrigation was founded in Minneapolis, MN – arguably one of the coldest spots in the nation. It’s true that in southern, warmer climates Conserva Irrigation operates year-round. However, this same thing is true in the northern markets. While the production season may be slightly shorter, the selling season is enhanced and lasts year-round in northern markets. We learned early-on that the book-ended parts of the business model (winterizing and summerizing systems) procures a large amount of client demand in a short period of time each year. Our winterization process uses compressed air as a diagnostic tool, uncovering leaks and broken components that otherwise go undetected. Those results, combined with our flat-rate upfront estimate tool, produces an instant estimate for our customers which allows them to budget for spring. Winterizations plus estimates for repair and upgrade, combined with selling seasonal packages, all lead to an attractive year-round recurring revenue stream - and time over the holidays with your family!

Still have questions? Simply give us a call at +1 (804) 486-7110
Our irrigation franchise development team would be happy to answer them.

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