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March 8, 2024
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Understanding the value of irrigation drainage in residential and commercial landscapes is essential. However, many property owners don't realize the importance of addressing irrigation and drainage needs to protect their landscapes and prevent erosion, among other key considerations.

Investing in a Conserva Irrigation franchise could be the unique opportunity you've been searching for. Your new venture is about leading the charge in sustainable irrigation practices, offering innovative solutions to customers, and contributing significantly to water conservation efforts. Here's how becoming a part of Conserva can redefine your entrepreneurial journey. As an expert in your field, you’ll pride yourself on educating your customers on the importance of landscape irrigation and drainage while helping them enhance their properties and avoid certain damage by offering essential services that:

water drainage

1. Protect Landscape Health

One of the foremost reasons to prioritize irrigation drainage is to protect the health of the yard. Excessive water can lead to waterlogging, which suffocates plant roots by limiting their oxygen supply. This can cause plants, trees, and grass to weaken, become yellow, or even die. Proper drainage ensures that water is efficiently removed from the landscape, promoting healthier plant growth and vibrant, lush gardens. As a Conserva Irrigation franchisee, demonstrating a commitment to landscape health can significantly enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

2. Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a silent destroyer of beautiful landscapes. Water accumulating on the surface without proper drainage can wash away the fertile topsoil, which is crucial for plant growth. Over time, this can lead to uneven ground surfaces, creating unsightly patches and potentially damaging the structural integrity of the landscape. Implementing effective irrigation drainage solutions helps to manage the water flow, preventing erosion and preserving the soil's quality and stability.

3. Avoid Water Damage to Structures

Water accumulation near buildings and other structures can lead to significant issues, including foundation damage. Pooled water seeps into the ground, potentially weakening the foundation and causing cracks or structural failure. By ensuring proper irrigation solutions, you can help protect properties from costly water damage, an aspect of your services that property owners will significantly appreciate and one that sets you apart from competitors.

4. Enhance Mosquito and Pest Control

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, posing health risks and discomfort to occupants. You can service your clients by coaching them on the value of adequate drainage methods to help eliminate these breeding sites, creating a more enjoyable outdoor environment and reducing their need for chemical pest control methods. As environmental consciousness grows among consumers, offering eco-friendly pest control solutions through improved drainage solutions can be a significant selling point for your Conserva Irrigation business.

5. Increase Property Value and Curb Appeal

Well-maintained landscape drainage systems contribute to a property's overall aesthetic and curb appeal. A healthy, vibrant landscape is visually appealing and can significantly increase a property's value. Potential buyers are more likely to show interest in a home with a well-designed landscape that ensures proper drainage. You can play a crucial role in enhancing property values and helping homeowners achieve their landscaping dreams by providing expert irrigation services.

The Services You’ll Offer as a Conserva Irrigation Owner

When you own an irrigation business with Conserva, you'll offer specialized services focusing on irrigation and sprinkler systems. These services are designed to cater to both commercial and residential landscapes. Our primary offerings include:

  • Sprinkler System Installation
  • System Maintenance
  • Water Conservation Assessments
  • An Irrigation System Audit
  • Drip Irrigation Solutions
  • Smart Irrigation Controls
  • Repair Services

What You Can Expect as an Irrigation and Drainage Professional

Irrigation Specialist

As a Conserva irrigation expert, your day-to-day responsibilities are varied and critical to ensuring the health and efficiency of residential and commercial landscapes. Here's what you can expect:

  • Billable Activity Check:
    • Examine completed work orders from the previous day.
    • Review the current day's work orders.
  • Office Staff Coordination:
    • Address any delivery gaps to technicians and customers.
  • Marketing Management:
    • Engage in drip email campaigns.
    • Analyze YTD and monthly budget reports, including ROI.
    • Undertake networking and guerrilla marketing efforts.
  • Consult with the Conserva Support Team:
    • Touch base with Accounting, Marketing, IT, and Operations teams as needed.
  • Inventory Oversight:
    • Conduct inventory checks.
    • Manage cost of goods sold (COGS).
    • Restock inventory as required.

Investing with Conserva Irrigation offers a chance to lead in the green industry, champion sustainability, and make a tangible difference in your community. As you help customers with drainage and irrigation needs, you'll also nurture your entrepreneurial dreams, backed by a brand committed to innovation, support, and environmental stewardship.

If you're ready to embark on this rewarding journey, Conserva Irrigation welcomes you to take the first step toward your new career. Contact us today!

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Holden Andrews

Marketing Specialist

Started working at Empower Brands in July 2022, and core priorities include:

  • Provide franchisees with day-to-day support in both the online and offline space.
  • Facilitate creative team tasks for custom design work.
  • Assist franchisees in setting up social media and pay-per-lead platforms.
  • Manage national social media platforms, as well as schedule regular local social media postings.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

I really enjoy the people I work with and the opportunity to help franchisees succeed.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is…

I enjoy taking my dog on walks and pick-up soccer.


Steve Nguyen

Creative Director

Started working at Empower Brands in February 2009. Core priorities:

  • Oversee the creative development to ensure that the conceptual and visual work is of the highest possible quality.
  • Build, lead, and produce innovative concepts that transform into compelling print and digital visuals while maintaining brand standard and vision
  • Brainstorm with the creative team, maintaining strategic and creative thinking to develop new and creative initiatives.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

I love being able to work with a great team over multiple brands to brainstorm and identify new projects and opportunities.

When I’m not working…

I have a multitude of hobbies that keep me outside. I’m a huge car enthusiast, an avid triathlete, and I love learning new things to keep my mind and body active.


Annena Ellis

Digital Marketing Manager

Started working at Empower Brands in April 2018, and core priorities include:

  • Provide franchisees with day-to-day proactive guidance and support in the digital space.
  • Manage consumer corporate social media efforts.
  • Assist franchisees in setting up and developing a well-rounded and active online presence.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

The digital space is constantly growing and evolving, so I love being able to help our franchisees understand the digital landscape and evolve their businesses’ along with it.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is…

go stand-up paddleboarding at the Chesapeake Bay with my dog, Umphrey.


Jane Campbell

Director of Marketing

Started working at Empower Brands in January 2009, and core priorities include:

  • Spearheads and implements the company’s overall marketing strategies.
  • Analyzes and assesses new online marketing opportunities and partners.
  • Drives new website builds and initiatives for all brands, franchise development, and Empower Brands.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

I love evaluating opportunities and making recommendations that can positively impact our franchisees’ local businesses.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is

to go for long walks and/or hikes with my husband, sons, and dog.


Austin Auandee

Art Director

Started working at Empower Brands September 2019, and core priorities include:

  • Working creatively across multiple brands to concept, develop and produce strategic, innovative and compelling on-brand print and digital assets.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

I enjoy the company culture and love working with everyone here. The core values and practices facilitate an environment that encourages and supports creative solutions, growth and development from the ground up. The opportunity to explore and contribute my creative experience and skills over multiple brands is a challenge that I cherish.

When I’m not working my favorite thing to do outdoors is...

to go biking, camping and hiking.


Lara Omick

Brand Marketing Manager

Started working at Empower Brands in 2018, and core priorities include:

  • Creates local marketing plans and advises franchisees on how to execute their plan.
  • Manages system-wide brand initiatives related to the National Ad Fund.
  • Collaborates with the in-house creative team to drive brand development and tactics.
  • Analyzes local marketing metrics and refines budgets, channels, and messaging.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

I love the people that I work with and get to interact with every day.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is

take my chocolate lab for a swim in the river.


Daniel Cockerill

Technology Training and Support Consultant

Started working at Empower Brands in May 2021, and core priorities include:

  • Bringing my knowledge of our CRM to all locations
  • Using my experience as an office manager to train new locations
  • Making everyone’s life easier by getting their systems set up and optimized

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

Working with a great group of people who all have the same goals in mind

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is…

Play golf


Erich Johnston

Franchise Technology Solutions Manager

Started working at Empower Brands in July of 2018, and core priorities include:

  • Leads and manages all technology-related functions and projects for the organization.
  • Maintains and enhances the technology platforms utilized by all four brands.
  • Manages the IT Helpdesk and new and ongoing training initiatives.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

I love working with franchisees and brand support teams to develop and implement new programs and functionality that increase efficiency and productivity.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is

take the kayaks somewhere peaceful and catch some fish.


Micki Nguyen

IT Support Analyst , National Accounts Administrator

Started working at Empower Brands in March 2018, and core priorities include:

  • Help desk support for Empower Brands employees as well as local franchisees.

  • Onboard and train new franchisees on technology platforms

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

  • Helping the franchisees work though issues they may have. Being able to see their successes big or small.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is

  • Taking photographs of landscapes and families.

  • Going to the beach or the mountains to get away from the city.


Cristin Smith

Division Controller

Started working at Empower Brands in June 2011, and core priorities include:

  • Lead the accounting support team.
  • Manage the corporate accounting functions and operations.
  • Produce and analyze the corporate financial statements and budget presentations.
  • Develop strategic plans along with the franchise support teams.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

My favorite part of my job at Empower Brands is being able to help small business owners understand the financial status of their business by supporting their accounting processes and financial statement analysis.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is…

go canoeing and smallmouth bass fishing on the river with my husband and children.


Sarah Jaramillo

Accounting Associate

Started working at Empower Brands in August 2022, and core priorities include:

  • Support franchisees on accounting matters.
  • Record and track monthly sales for the franchise brands.
  • Process daily transactions and complete account reconciliations for Empower Brands.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

I love the connectivity – being able to establish relationships with both the people I’m working with and the people I’m working to support!

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is…

walking my dog, Bella, through our neighborhood trails.


Clair Baker

Financial Analyst , Accounting Associate


Matt Jones

Franchise Support & Systems Analyst


Craig Undeck

Franchise Support Consultant


Erich Kolb

Franchise Support Consultant


Jay Gray

Franchise Support Consultant


Jake Mathre

Director of Franchise Operations


Russ Jundt

Vice President, Conserva Irrigation

Russ is the founder and Vice President of Conserva Irrigation, the only irrigation company founded on the principles of water conservation.

As brand leader, Russ drives the overall priorities and focus of the company including the service offerings, sales processes, strategic partnerships, and more.

Russ graduated with B.A. in Business Management from Saint John’s University.

What do you like most about working at Empower Brands?

  • I am grateful to work with like-minded, enthusiastic leaders who are inspired to be the absolute best they can be in their role at Empower Brands. This infectious attitude is prevalent across our network of successful franchise owners, which spills over to our hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do outdoors is…

  • anything to do with water: Boating, rowing, water sports, time at the beach with friends and family, vacationing to beach destinations, and more.