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Where Does the Water Go?

Many people think that the Earth seems to have unlimited water supplies. After all, it appears to be a blue planet in photographs from space. However, most of that blue is salt water, which cannot be used for drinking or feeding plants. By taking advantage of our franchise opportunities, you take control of each customer's watering habits and work toward conservation.

  • Consider these fresh-water facts:
  • More than 50 percent of the water used at your property supports the sprinkler system
  • Only 1 percent of the water known on the Earth is usable for landscaping

As a Conserva Irrigation franchise owner, you can show your clients an alternative plan for landscaping beauty. It's possible to reduce water use by up to 60 percent with the right design and sprinkler parts in place.

The Responsibility Inherent in Living Well

Professionalism, innovation, and responsibility are our core values. We are known as "The Revolutionary Water Savings Irrigation Franchise." When you partner with Conserva, your duty extends further than just servicing your commercial or residential sprinkler customers. You’ll be able to spread the word about each system's impact on the environment. As a franchise owner, you can use social responsibility as a driving factor in your sales: brand new installations or repaired sprinklers lead to less water use.

When you discuss the merits of a smart controller installation or weather sensor or soil sensor integration with your customers, you have the power to change the landscape using top-quality, name-brand parts. Live well while improving the world around you.

Interested in conserving the world’s fresh water supply while beautifying the earth? Contact Conserva Irrigation today at (804) 621-7167 for more information about our sprinkler franchise opportunities.

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    The typical investment to open a franchise ranges from $100,000 - $150,000.