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Quantifiable Conservation

Why should you consider irrigation franchise opportunities with Conserva Irrigation? We offer a proven track record when it comes to conservation. Learn about our design process and integrated parts that contribute to water savings. Looking for some quantifiable statistics? We reduce landscaping water use by up to 60 percent. With more than half the water on a given property dedicated to irrigation, that adds up to a lot of water conserved.

To help you quantify each client's water use and subsequent waste, Conserva offers you our ingenious System Efficiency Score®, or SES® process. Work through a list of checkpoints to find each problem or poor design feature at a given residential property. For our commercial clients, we have developed a robust Commercial Site Assessment™, or CSA™, which takes the SES® process even further. It doesn't matter if it's a commercial or residential property, the conservation numbers tell customers that they can save money with critical changes to their systems.

Call us today at (804) 621-7167 or fill out a Contact Form to learn more about our irrigation franchise opportunities.

Unparalleled Internal Support

No other irrigation franchise opportunity offers you the support that's built right into Conserva's philosophy of visionary leadership. Conserva produces quality marketing campaigns, creates reliable business models, and trains you on proven field protocols. From the moment that you set foot on a customer's property, you’ll reflect the professionalism and know-how that Conserva is known for and that wins over loyal clients.

Quality Parts For Less

Partnerships with our suppliers give you a chance to stock up on high-quality parts at prices much lower than you could find as an independent business owner. Cost negotiations aren't necessary as you simply place orders and take care of customers. Partner with us and you’ll have access to our suppliers for years of lucrative services to the public.

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Start your discovery discussion on opening your own sprinkler and irrigation franchise. One meeting with us will show you our core values of professionalism, innovation, and responsibility.

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World-Class Franchises

Starting your own business from the ground up is downright difficult. You have no reputation or standing in the marketplace. That reality changes with Conserva Irrigation, a franchise that’s part of the Empower Brands™ family. Our proven irrigation franchise gains strength, credibility, and organic marketing opportunities from a natural trade alliance with our sister brands. Become part of our family of niche service companies and enjoy marketing strategies with integrity and value for the everyday consumer.

Empower Brands is excited to celebrate over 12 years of service. Learn more about our past, present, and future in this short video:

Contact us today at (804) 621-7167 to learn more about how Conserva Irrigation could be your path to a successful water conservation business of your own.

Our Brand Family

Conserva Irrigation is part of the Empower Brands™ family. This group comprises two other franchise companies that complement our environmentally friendly irrigation services.

Backed by other proven brands such as

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives™
The leader in architectural and landscape lighting

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Archadeck Outdoor Living™
North America’s favorite custom outdoor living space builder

The Psychology of Familiarity

When you consider landscape and lawn irrigation franchise opportunities, you want a trusted brand that can leverage not only its own name but that of its nationally recognized and respected family of franchises to create synergy amongst a growing customer base. With Conserva Irrigation and the Empower Brands™, customers have nearly every outdoor need covered.

When consumers see a familiar brand, logo, or product, they feel an instant connection with the company. Reputations tend to precede franchises because of nationwide marketing. Although you may be a new franchise owner, the Conserva Irrigation and Empower Brands™ name is already something people trust. Take advantage of this psychological phenomenon. Customers are more likely to ask you for an estimate when they know that professionalism and environmental responsibility are part of your commitments to the industry.

Conserva Irrigation enriches lives through smart technology, attention to the environment, and a proven brand. Contact us today at (804) 621-7167!

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    The typical investment to open a franchise ranges from $100,000 - $150,000.