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About Our Eco-Friendly Business Spotlight in Franchise Wire

About Our Eco-Friendly Business Spotlight in Franchise Wire

About Our Eco-Friendly Business Spotlight in Franchise Wire

Water Conservation Is Our Top Priority

On October 29th, 2021, Franchise Wire published 8 Eco-Friendly Franchises. The article  highlights 8 environmentally-sensitive franchise models that prioritize planetary needs – offering eco-minded alternatives to consumers and investors alike. Conserva Irrigation is proud to announce that we were included in this elite group. Delivering sustainable solutions to eco-aware customers is something we take very seriously.

At Conserva Irrigation, our fundamental purpose is to mitigate water waste. This objective motivates everything we do. Our products and services are the byproducts of extensive research in water dynamics, environmental concerns, and horticultural practices. Combining cutting-edge irrigation and sprinkler technologies with state-of-the-art designs, we provide innovative solutions to conserve water without compromising the health of our clients’ landscapes.

The Importance of Saving Water

Water is earth’s most precious resource. It is also one of its most wasted resources. Despite its perceived abundance, water is quite scarce. Only 3% of all water on earth is drinkable, and 2% of this water is locked in frozen glaciers. With a lack of potable water available to many communities and severe drought on the rise, it is important to make water conservation technologically and economically possible. This is our primary ambition.

When it comes to residential water waste, consumption, and costs, irrigation eclipses everything else. Sprinkler and irrigation systems waste approximately 1.5 billion gallons each day. This is a staggering number that demands attention.

Our ‘smart’ sprinkler and irrigation systems have been engineered to distribute water efficiently and reduce:

  • Water runoff
  • Evaporation
  • Drainage issues
  • Sewage overflow
  • And so much more!

On average, our irrigation system upgrades decrease water use by 40 to 60%. As a result, most customers see their investment paid off entirely in under three years. Saving water is good for the planet and your bank account too. Clearly, making eco-conscious decisions is the surefire way to reap long-term rewards.

Contact us online or call (804) 621-7167 to learn more about our eco-friendly business model today!