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Conserva Irrigation Continues to Show Success Amidst COVID-19 Restrictions

Conserva Irrigation Continues to Show Success Amidst COVID-19 Restrictions

Recently, Conserva Irrigation® was featured in multiple articles by Landscape Management outlining the many successes we have encountered despite the unfortunate COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty that have occurred over the past few months around the world.

Not only is Conserva dedicated to ensuring that our employees and franchise owners continue to be supported and protected in these times, but it has been extremely important for us to continue offering our at-home irrigation services to communities across the US, as we remain an essential business in all the states we currently operate in.

We’re Not Only Surviving During These Times – We Are Thriving

Conserva Irrigation continues to prove that we are recession-resistant, even during these uncertain and unfortunate times. In an article for Landscape Management, our founder, Russ Jundt shared that “while it’s been an awkward time where we’ve needed to pivot and be more thoughtful and more prepared, with all the different CDC protocols, our sales for Q1 were up 65 percent year over year and it’s not slowing in April.”

“We’re being attentive to people’s needs. We’re asking our customer base if they’re comfortable with our services continuing. We’re also asking the client that if they are quarantined, we’d prefer not to be there and we’d rather reschedule that appointment (to keep our technicians safe),” Jundt says. “We’re also working with our technicians and giving them the option (to come to work) relative to their personal beliefs or personal well-being as some of our technicians are high-risk.”

Rest assured, you can bet that Conserva Irrigation will continue to provide superior irrigation services for those who want to keep their lawns looking great all year long. “Due to the nature of our business being a need-based business, the fact that our services are a smaller-ticket amount and that we’re a repeatable service, we anticipate that in a downturn, that we would remain robust and remain busy, and we anticipate that this will definitely continue,” Jundt shared.

You can read the full Landscape Management pieces here and here.

Who Is Conserva Irrigation?

Conserve=a Irrigation remains to be the first and only irrigation company founded on the need and want to conserve water. Millions of gallons of water are wasted every year due to excess water that does not soak into the soil and runs off. Conserva Irrigation provides superior irrigation technology that is not only designed to save you money on your water bill but also help conserve water for the future health of our planet.

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