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Time for Irrigation Franchisees to Offer Winterization Services

Time for Irrigation Franchisees to Offer Winterization Services

Now that it is officially fall in the northern hemisphere, nights will get longer and days will get shorter. Before you know it, wintry weather will start to fall upon more and more parts of the country. If you’re part of the Conserva Irrigation franchise family, then you should start thinking about improving your business model and getting more customer attention through winterization services now.

How Winterization Helps You & Your Customers

As Conserva Irrigation franchisee Aaron Knepp explained in a recent Total Landscape® Care article, winterization is the process of removing water from irrigation lines before it starts to freeze. Winterization is important to your customers because it means keeping their irrigation systems usable by the time winter ends. Water expands as it freezes, which can cause pipe cracks, joint bursts, and an assortment of other serious problems from an irrigation system.

Winterization is important to you, the irrigation franchise owner, because it is a prime opportunity to keep revenue flowing in the autumn and winter. Typically, irrigation is on the minds of property owners in the spring and the summer, when there is a clear demand for bettering watering systems. Naturally, then, sales can dip in the colder seasons. Use winterization as a selling point to fight off this off-season slowdown.

Knepp suggests selling winterization as a fall maintenance service to better explain it to customers who might not understand the service otherwise. You should also be prepared ahead of time by educating your team about how winterization works, how long the service takes, and what can happen if it is not done. A potential winterization customer who is on the fence to make the purchase will probably tip in your favor if your team can explain that the average repair costs to fix burst pipes that froze in the winter hovers around $1,000 for a relatively small property.

With all things considered, winterization is an essential service for any region that feels the cold during winter. Yet there will likely still be a challenge to convince your customers of its necessity. Educate your team so they can educate your customers. Start enjoying steady cashflow in what once used to be slower winter months thanks to great winterization sales!

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