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At Conserva Irrigation, We See Potential in Your Leaky Pipes!

At Conserva Irrigation, We See Potential in Your Leaky Pipes!

According to Outdoor Living Brands CEO Chris Grandpre, there is massive potential in servicing irrigation systems thanks to growing water restrictions and costs. Grandpre also has a unique take on the irrigation that is largely served for independent contractors that don’t specialize in the category.

Speaking about how, in the past, the irrigation business didn’t have a national, professional brand leading the way, Grandpre said, “Ninety-nine point nine percent are one guy in a truck, no website and probably with a magnetic sign on the side of his truck.”

Now that Americans are more environmentally conscious than ever before, Conserva is helping large corporations, like its longtime partner Target, view water costs as an ongoing expense that can be trimmed while reducing its strain on aquifers and stormwater treatment facilities.

According to Grandpre, “Sixty percent of the water we use is used outside. We’re wasting water, so our thesis coming into this industry sector is create a professional player.”

Conserva sets itself apart from other irrigation franchises by focusing on:

  • Proactive maintenance
  • Replacement of inefficient irrigation equipment
  • The constant situations that damage irrigation equipment

Conserva’s primary mission is to show property owners that their outdoor landscapes can remain lush with just a fraction of water that traditional, leaky systems waste. Last year, Conserva hit approximately 65 units and is already on the way to hitting 90 units during the first half of 2019.

Partnerships with national brands like Target have positioned Conserva Irrigation with major opportunities to increase profits through brands that want to focus on environmental sustainability. And with water shortages and increasing municipal restrictions on water not going away anytime soon, Conserva’s business plan provides a solid foundation for interested investors. Read the Franchise Times article here.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Conserva Irrigation, call (804) 621-7167 today.