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Conserva Irrigation CEO Talks to The Franchise Times About Backyard Ecosystems

Conserva Irrigation CEO Talks to The Franchise Times About Backyard Ecosystems

The Franchise Times recently wrote an article about Conserva Irrigation® CEO Chris Grandpre and how our backyard ecosystems are revolutionizing the irrigation industry.

Mr. Grandpre started the home improvement parent company Outdoor Living Brands in 2008. In ten years, the company grew into five home exterior-focused brands. After years of work and numerous acquisitions, Grandpre and President and COO Scott Zide’s grand vision is finally coming into focus.

When homeowners choose services from Archadeck for their new patio, call Mosquito Squad to handle their pest issues, or purchase new lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the closely tied brands can share contacts in order to expose customers to the full portfolio of services offered by each company. This marketing strategy allows each brand under the umbrella to help increase prospects for each other.

Conserva Irrigation was added to Outdoor Living Brands in 2016, and with fast-growing sales and new designs to draw new brands into the company, Grandpre and Zide are excited about the future of the franchise.

Speaking to The Franchise Times about the success of Conserva Irrigation, Mr. Grandpre said:

“One of the things that I didn’t really expect leaving the banking world and going into franchising is how personally satisfying franchising is. Franchising is a lot like that, because we have franchisees that will sell their business each and every year, and we’ve played a small supporting role behind the scenes helping them take control of their career, build an income stream that they’re in control of and build net worth for themselves and their family—and I get the same satisfaction out of that that I got as a banker.”

When asked about the company’s next big acquisition, Grandpre said:

“Whether we start new concepts—Renew Crew and Conserva have been more greenfield-developed—or whether we acquire concepts, it depends on the nature of what we find. Can we find things that we can afford either with our current shareholder base or do we partner up someday with a private equity firm that gives us a deeper ability to execute larger acquisitions?”

The company’s healthy profits and low-investment concepts has led to more and more franchisees trying to get into the home-improvement. Talking about franchising opportunities, Mr. Grandpre said:

“We’re helping by providing some guidance to franchisees about what we recommend. It’s constant networking, it’s referrals from your existing crews, it’s networking with other trade professionals in town, it’s working with vocational schools that may be in your area or colleges that have construction-type programs. We have found that all of our brands allow franchisees to grow size and scale over two, three, four years and get to the point where they can make a six-figure income, which is quick.”

To read the full interview with The Franchise Times, click here:

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