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Water Conservation Methods You Might Not Have Thought About

Water Conservation Methods You Might Not Have Thought About

Last month was Smart Irrigation Month, which asks individuals, business owners, and irrigation companies to challenge themselves to find new ways to conserve water. Total Landscape Care, a popular publication about everything landscape and lawncare-related, featured a piece about clever water conservation methods you might not have ever thought would work.

For example, using water pressure regulators throughout an irrigation system can make a huge difference in water usage. Yet, the technology is still fairly uncommon across the United States. Another improvement can be made by simply changing the sprinkler heads throughout an irrigation system to newer designs that make for better water distribution with less flow – a task that is comparatively inexpensive and quick compared to a whole system overhaul.

In the article, Aaron Knepp, the owner and franchisee of Conserva Irrigation of Columbus, Ohio, shared what smart water conservation does not look like. He said that many agricultural landowners and homeowners alike rush to make irrigation system “improvements” without first inspecting the system. If your irrigation system is defective, faulty, or damaged, no amount of newer, smarter water conservation technology is going to help until it is corrected. This is actually where Conserva Irrigation can step in and make a great sale for a customer in need of an improved irrigation system. Our irrigation franchise company offers intelligent irrigation and water conservation solutions that make us stand out from all competitors.

To view the full Total Landscape Care article featuring Mr. Knepp, you can click here to visit the publication’s official website. Would you also like to see if joining the Conserva Irrigation family as a new franchisee should be in your future?

We invite you to review the initial investment requirements and our steps to becoming a franchisee. Our irrigation franchise opportunities are growing, and we need great entrepreneurs like you to help it continue!