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Conserva Irrigation Featured in the January Issue of Turf Magazine

Conserva Irrigation Featured in the January Issue of Turf Magazine

Our founder, Russ Jundt, took the time to sit down with Turf Magazine and discuss what sets our franchise apart from other irrigation companies out there. One of the things he focused on is how our vehicles really shine in making our technicians’ work easier and more efficient. Discover his tips to equip a vehicle for success.

Plan Your System

Conserva Irrigation is all about systems. From our proprietary evaluation process to our vehicles, we use systems to keep us organized, ready, and efficient. One such system is our color coding system, which ensures that every van is equipped with all the equipment needed for the job at hand, and that there are never any mix ups. One example Russ gives is how this system helps especially when multiple Conserva Irrigation vans are on site. By painting every tool purple to match the purple van, our employees know which tools belong to which vehicle when they wrap up, so there are no chances of putting a tool back in the wrong van.

Our Conserva Pak

Like everything else at Conserva Irrigation, we start at the ground and build upward. This includes our proprietary toolbox, which contains some surprising tools to help our technicians work smarter. Every van is organized the same way, which means technicians will know where to find what they need, no matter which vehicle they’re assigned to. We also stock the most commonly used parts and tools towards the front of drawers so they’re more easily accessible to employees in a hurry.

We also rely on some non-standard tools to keep our technicians working at their peak. These include:

  • Samsung 2.0 Tablet: Each employee is equipped with a 10-inch tablet to aid in communication, manage their timecard, and other handy functions.
  • Chargers: From tablets to phones to battery-operated power tools—without a charger you could end up dead in the water. We always pack the chargers we need to keep us running all day long.
  • Lunch: Our technicians are encouraged to pack their own lunches and avoid the temptation to eat fast food and junk food on the road. We see our employees as family, and we care about their ability to get nutritious food, despite what the day may hold for them.
  • Water: Our employees work hard in the field, and drinking plenty of water can help them stay safe and efficient. Our technicians all are equipped with plenty of water. We even offer coolers of sports drinks and ice cold waters in the office for when they stop in.

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Be Intentional

Everything we do is intentional. Getting a technician to the job is the most expensive part, so we want to make sure that they are there on time and fully equipped for the task at hand. If they need to come back to the office for something, it not only costs us money, but it looks bad to the customer too.

The design of each van is also intentional. We carefully plan the interiors for maximum efficiency, and we chose the wrap covering each van carefully. These wraps are designed to tell you who we are, what we do, and how you can reach us. Even the photograph used for our wrap was chosen after a survey of customers. “Carson,” as we call him, was selected by our customers, and it’s easy to see why he appeals to people. His silver hair speaks to his experience and wisdom. He has a friendly smile and looks ready to listen to you and note down your concerns so he can address them. He’s very clean cut, so he feels trustworthy. This is the image we try to evoke in every interaction we have.

At Conserva Irrigation, our rapidly growing team is making waves in the landscaping and irrigation industry. We focus on providing not only water-saving measures and friendly, experienced work for our customers, but also profitable businesses and a reputable company culture for our franchisees.

To learn more about our irrigation franchise opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Call (804) 621-7167 now!