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The Latest in Sprayhead Technology Trends

The Latest in Sprayhead Technology Trends

As an irrigation franchise, Conserva Irrigation believes in helping people save water to preserve the environment and keep more money in peoples’ pockets. And that mission that pushes us to constantly stay up to date on the latest in irrigation technology. And perhaps no technology has a greater influence over water consumption than the sprayheads used to distribute the water over the landscape they’re installed in.

It’s this technology that Conserva Irrigation founder and Vice President Russ Jundt was recently interviewed about by Landscape Management. As an expert in irrigation and water conservation, as well as someone who manages a franchise that installs, maintains, and upgrades irrigation systems, his opinion and knowledge on the subject is valuable.

Today’s Sprayhead Trends

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, water-inefficient sprayheads waste an estimated 31 billion gallons of water per year. With such a large amount, it’s no wonder that landscapers and land owners are turning to water-efficient sprayhead technology to try and cut back on their consumption. This is particularly important in drought-affected areas, such as the southwest states of California and Arizona.

Russ Jundt told the website ““I think we’re in the early stages of water conservation. We have to reduce the barriers to comply and make it easier for people.” Indeed water conservation technology is becoming more readily available, but barriers such as cost of overhauling an existing irrigation system have prevented many people from switching over.

Furthermore, there plenty of ways a professional irrigation company can help their customers reduce their water consumption and save money. Reducing pressure down to a steady flow of 30 PSI, particularly in high-pressure cities and municipalities, can prevent damage to irrigation systems and reduce overwatering.

There are lots of other technologies as well, including variable-arc nozzles, flow restriction devices, and check valves which all help keep your system running more efficiently.

The Future of Sprayhead Technology

In the future, water-efficient technology for landscaping purposes will only continue to improve as the need to preserve water only increases. Jundt believes that those who misuse their access to municipal water and waste this precious resource will be a thing of the past, saying “I think across the industry, we’re going to see the water abusers and the products that are major water abusers go away.”

How Conserva Irrigation Helps

Conserva Irrigation is committed to this mission of efficient and effective water usage and our franchise locations all across the country provide customers with these devices as well as installation services to properly implement them. As our mission says we want to change the way we water the world.

Our franchise owners and their teams provide services for both residential and small-scale commercial applications, ranging from simple maintenance and repairs to full retrofitting and even new system installations. We proudly partner with major name brands like Toro to offer customers the best in modern technology and quality.

Interested in purchasing a Conserva Irrigation franchise of your own? Call us today at (804) 621-7167 and we’ll send you some important information!