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Water Waste Concerns Are Pushing Irrigation Industries Towards Efficient Solutions

Water Waste Concerns Are Pushing Irrigation Industries Towards Efficient Solutions

Water waste is a major concern for everyone, but it is even more pressing for agricultural and landscaping businesses, owners of large-scale properties, and even governmental agencies related to public land use. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water-inefficient sprayheads, or sprinkler heads, are of particular concern. If individuals and businesses across the country started swapping out and upgrading sprayheads throughout their properties, an estimated 31 billion gallons of water would be saved each year.

This all adds up to a prime opportunity for irrigation franchise companies and their franchisees. The industry is ready to boom by offering sprayhead upgrades and water consumption analyses for clients small and large — but especially the large. The key to remember when talking about sprayhead improvements with a potential client is how it saves both the environment and their wallet in the long run.

The reasoning behind this combined benefit is clear: less water demand means lower water utility bills. However, it takes industry experts to explain the best way to make it happen to prospective clients looking to improve their irrigation methods. Conserva Irrigation is a leading irrigation franchise company bringing great opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to enter the industry and be seen as experts by their clients.

Sprayhead Manufacturers Are Keeping Up with New Demands

Improving water efficiency for property owners and businesses across the nation is not a task irrigation companies and irrigation franchisees can do alone. Manufacturers of irrigation equipment have to participate as well by improving their technologies, devices, and designs. Thankfully, this appears to be the goal of many such companies.

In recent years, the number of highly-efficient water sprayheads and sprinklers have noticeably increased. Entire lines of improved water irrigation equipment have been produced with water waste reduction in mind. Property owners can utilize all sorts of devices, like pressure regulators and flow restrictors. Irrigation franchisees that want to take a piece of the industry’s potential earnings should be aware of newer products and make them available to clients.

It is possible to notice a common trend of such products and devices focusing on water pressure. This is due to the fact that higher water pressure is created by a more intense and faster water flow. Lowering the water pressure naturally reduces the amount of water expelled by a system per minute. Most residential clients have no need for the water pressure preset in their homes, so reductions make immediate sense. Many commercial clients who use water for property-wide irrigation can gain numerous advantages with water pressure reduction, especially if high water pressure has been damaging delicate crops.

Big Changes Have Arrived Just In Time

Why are people looking towards irrigation companies for water-efficient equipment now more than ever? The most pressing concern is the fear of drought. Many regions throughout the country are already on tight water-use regiments due to the high chance of drought, or an ongoing drought. Without water conservation efforts across the board, the real possibility of severe water shortages could become a reality.

Russ Jundt, the founder of Conserva Irrigation, recently had a chance to discuss the situation with Landscape Management magazine. Within the article — you can view it by clicking here and with appropriate login information or a subscription — Russ discussed the integral role of irrigation companies, who must “reduce the barriers” for clients to comply with water efficiency. The company currently balances irrigation service clientele at 65% residential and 35% commercial, and all of those clients across the nation need improved water efficiency to some degree.

The second concern is universal: money. No one wants to spend more than necessary on any bill, water utility or otherwise. This is once again where irrigation companies and franchises need to step in and make a difference, while also making healthy income for themselves. By offering competitive prices on irrigation inspections, water usage audits, and equipment upgrades, an irrigation franchisee can attract business and gain loyal customers for life.

An Industry Favorite to Pitch to Clients

Irrigation franchisees should have an impressive collection of irrigation equipment options and various water-efficient devices. However, it is important to stay on top of your inventory and know what piece will benefit what client. Due to its capability of helping clients of all types save on water usage, the Zero-Flush Wiper Seal (ZFWS) 570Z sprayhead from Toro is a favorite of Mr. Jundt. As he explained in his discussion with Landscape Magazine, the 570Z can reduce water usage by 35% by minimizing startup water waste. When in doubt, you and your clients should think about the 570Z.

Water Conservation is Revenue Generation for Franchise Locations

The future of irrigation is focused on water conservation. Irrigation franchisees can make certain they are taking advantage of the growing trend by becoming in-the-know about water-efficient products and offering them to new and returning clients alike.

As a franchisee of Conserva Irrigation, you can feel confident that you will always be on the front-foot of important changes in the industry. Our nationwide company has built a reputation for taking care of its franchisees by providing opportunities in high-potential markets, educating them in industry trends, and keeping watch of top revenue generators, like water-efficiency upgrades. You can come to Conserva Irrigation as either an entrepreneurial veteran or someone brand new to franchise management, and you can depend on our corporate presence to support you.

Interested in irrigation franchise opportunities in your state or county? See how you can get started with Conserva Irrigation now.