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How You Can Get Your Irrigation & Landscaping Crew Winter Ready

How You Can Get Your Irrigation & Landscaping Crew Winter Ready

When the winter sets in, landscaping and irrigation projects become much different than identical jobs in other seasons. In order to help irrigation franchise owners prepare for the winter season and the changes it can bring to their company’s needs, Conserva Irrigation Chattanooga owner Miles Ledford recently spoke to Total Landscape Care magazine.

Thinking Now About Tomorrow

For regions with predictable snowfall, irrigation and landscaping in the winter can take on considerable changes. A good practice is notifying clients in the fall about what to expect in the winter. Snow and frost can dramatically change not only the water needed by crops, but also how that water is delivered. Talking to clients early about the changes that should be made for the next few months will let know you are paying attention to their land as much as they are.

Ledford discussed within the article that he and Conserva Irrigation understand the importance of scaling with winter solutions. Something that might work for one client is only so good if it does not work for every client. The best possible solutions will be applicable to every situation, at least with the right amount of innovation and industry knowledge. Indeed, he shared a story about cleverly using an air compression in an irrigation system to detect leaks, rather than just flushing out the water that had been collecting in the system. In the winter, frozen ground can put pressure on pipes and spring leaks, which irrigation franchisees need to know about it.

Winterization Assessment from Conserva Irrigation Attracts Winter Customers

Many irrigation and landscaping companies only use the winter season to try to collect quick finances with winter-related services. Conserva Irrigation has created a unique way to secure new clients year round with its Winterization Assessment. The service is meant to “wow” clients in the winter so they come back in the spring, summer, autumn, the next winter, and so forth for all of their irrigation needs. This different approach capitalizes not on alternative winter needs for irrigation, but instead on opportunities to showcase great customer service, which, of course, benefits the franchise owner greater overall than quick service sales.

Beat Winter Troubles with Crew & Equipment Preparation

Irrigation franchise owners can overcome any winter difficulty with the right amount of prep work. Your crew needs to be well aware of how environmental changes and cold can affect the landscapes of your clients and the condition of your equipment. Keeping a client’s land healthy is synonymous with keeping a client. Few things can be more frustrating than missing a sales opportunity because your equipment was frosted over and unready for the job on the horizon.

Taking care of your irrigation crews in the winter is also a must you cannot overlook as an irrigation franchise owner. Winter weather can be unpredictable at best, and a snowstorm can billow over the region unexpectedly. Anticipate the worst of conditions that cause work slowdowns even when the forecast looks clear by scheduling jobs and customer visits with spare time, as you can afford. It can also be the right idea to add manpower to a project. Consider supplying your crews with winter garb to keep them warm, too, as no one wants to complete an irrigation system inspection while shivering down to their boots. A simple gesture like this can not only improve worksite efficiency but also your franchise location’s morale.

(For more information about winter preparedness for your irrigation franchise company’s crew and equipment, you can click here to visit the full Total Landscape Care magazine article. Login or subscription may be required.)

Is Conserva Irrigation Right for You?

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