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Conserva Irrigation's Eco-Friendly Practices Featured by Franchise Times

Conserva Irrigation's Eco-Friendly Practices Featured by Franchise Times

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Conserva Irrigation was recently featured in a Franchise Time’s article highlighting how franchises are creating and implementing Earth-friendly practices.

Since we were first founded, Conserva Irrigation has not only been putting the Earth first by offering water-saving irrigation services, but we have been prioritizing eco-friendly practices. We ensure that our practices and protocols are not only conserving water but that we are not doing other harm to the planet when practicing them.

Conserva Irrigation®, being the first and only outdoor irrigation company founded on the concept of water conservation, focuses on creating irrigation solutions that help lower the 1.5 billion gallons of water that are wasted on irresponsible irrigation services. Our technology can reduce water use from irrigation by up to 60 percent, not only saving water but also money for homeowners and businesses.

Russ Jundt, the founder of Conserva Irrigation, joined the irrigation industry in the early 2000s and was quickly disheartened. “Fresh, beautiful water is just being spewed out onto lawns, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots, with no thought behind it at all,” Jundt said. “It was sickening. I couldn’t stand it.”

Speaking on why it’s important that we continue our water preserving actions, Jundt said, “You got people that look at things as half empty or half full. I’ve always looked at it a third way—there’s critical, vital water inside of that cup, no matter how you look at it.”

He goes on to continue “[Conserva Irrigation] want[s] to create more financially independent franchise owners and do it in a way that is promoting, protecting and preserving Earth’s beautiful freshwater,” Jundt said. “That’s a healthy one-two punch: make great money, do it in the right way.” Jundt hopes to have 400 locations by 2025 and be the largest irrigation company, and still the first based on the conservation of our Earth’s most useful resource.

You can read the full Earth Day article by Franchise Times here!

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