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“Conserva Paks” Are Changing the Irrigation Game

“Conserva Paks” Are Changing the Irrigation Game

At Conserva Irrigation, our experienced irrigation technicians spend a substantial amount of time working out of their vehicles. That is why we ensure all of our vehicles are strategically organized for maximum efficiency.

Russ Jundt, founder and vice president of Conserva Irrigation recently spoke to Landscape Management about the importance of maintaining organized service vehicles:

“Organization is key, and it all comes down to the leader. It doesn’t matter if you have two service trucks — they should be geared up the same way so if any one technician jumps in that vehicle, they know exactly where everything is.”

To keep our trucks orderly and operations running efficiently, our entire fleet of vehicles is laid out the same way, this way our crew members don’t have to waste precious time looking for tools and materials. Each of our service trucks includes:

  • Drawers
  • Racks
  • Organizational tools

By keeping our vehicles tidy and organized, crew members don’t have to haul very much inventory. According to Mr. Jundt, a disorganized vehicle can end up carrying close to $20,000 worth of parts, while a Conserva-organized van might carry around $6,000 worth of inventory.

All 36 of our operations utilize fully wrapped enclosed vans or pickup trucks with toppers. The vans feature electronic diagnostic equipment that our irrigation technicians use to trace and find faults within wires. Our techs also use this equipment to check electrical issues in the controller and valve boxes.

Our company-designed six-drawer system known as the “Conserva Pak,” keeps tools, irrigation parts, and other equipment neatly organized. With the Conserva Pak, technicians have access to 99% of the parts and tools they might need on any given day. Additionally, an inventory report based on what items technicians used from the Conserva Pak is written up each day.

To read the full article in Landscape Management, click here.

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