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Things to Consider Before You Partner With An Irrigation Distributor

Things to Consider Before You Partner With An Irrigation Distributor

Russ Jundt, the founder and vice president of Conserva Irrigation®, recently spoke to Landscape Management about the importance of building a strong partnership with irrigation distributors.

“Many times, contractors pit distributors against each other, but if they truly value partnership, both the contractor and the distributor should mutually benefit,” said Jundt.

If you want to make sure an exclusive partnership with an irrigation distributor benefits both parties, you should consider the following things:

  • Does the distributor carry the products customers prefer?
  • Does the distributor offer up-to-date and innovative solutions?
  • How knowledgeable are the distributor’s employees?
  • Does the distributor offer training for employees?
  • Are the distributor’s locations within a reasonable distance of your shop or job sites?
  • What are the delivery options?
  • Does the distributor have a rewards program or offer rebates and e-commerce options?
  • What types of new revenue avenues can the distributor introduce you to?

Once you have decided on a distributor, you will need to agree on a set of terms. Russ Jundt says, “I would make a written agreement outside of a handshake. The more clarification you have, the fewer instances where feelings or pocketbooks get hurt in either direction.”

Lastly, make sure you maintain constant communication with the distributor. This will ensure the needs of both parties are being met. The more you communicate, the more willing the distributor will be to work with you.

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