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Water Audits: Making Income for You & Savings for Your Clients

Water Audits: Making Income for You & Savings for Your Clients

In today’s eco-aware society, proper water use, irrigation, and conservation is a real concern for everyone. From owners of large private properties to agricultural business specialists, knowing how much water is being used in a given day or week is crucial for saving both money and the environment. Irrigation franchisees are uniquely poised to help people understand, control, and curb their water usage with irrigation or water audits. Not only do these services bring the franchisee a healthy amount of income, but it will ultimately save their clients’ bottom lines.

What is an Irrigation or Water Audit?

First things first, a water audit needs to be conducted by a highly trained and certified landscape irrigation auditor. Simply having a general idea of how to measure water usage and waste is not enough for the precise calculations needed for a useful audit. This is the unique role that an irrigation franchise location can fill for clients in the area.

When a client calls an irrigation service franchise company, they can request a two-stage water audit. The first step is physically walking the client’s property, making a list of obvious issues, and recommending the fixes. For example, an overactive sprinkler is a clear problem you can look for when conducting your audit. Even small fixes like that can add up when there are many of them to be made.

The second step is where things get more in-depth and mathematical. The water auditor will place small catch-cans around the client’s property where landscaping is being intentionally watered. After a brief testing of the irrigation system, all catch-cans are gathered and the water collected in each is meticulously examined. The results of the study are compiled into calculations based on the catch-can quantities and the layout of the property’s irrigation systems, concluding in a scientific evaluation of the client’s water usage.

Conserva Irrigation Leads the Way for Water Audits

Conserva Irrigation takes the process multiple steps further, though, by using decades of weather and water data about a client’s region during step two of a water audit. Together with a specially created water conservation algorithm, Conserva Irrigation can get a more accurate picture of a client’s water necessities, use, and distribution efficiency. This technical approach to water conservation has made Conserva Irrigation® a trusted irrigation franchise from coast-to-coast, especially among large-scale agricultural and farmland clients.

Indeed, the franchise company’s popularity garnered the attention of Irrigation & Green Industry, an online landscape business magazine. The founder of Conserva Irrigation, Russ Jundt, was recently interviewed by the magazine to discuss water audits and the franchise’s one-of-a-kind approach to them. Within the article, Russ noted that the average irrigation and water conservation client expects auditors to be backed by a sound reputation and to be fully-certified.

Russ went on to explain that many of the residential clients who contact his franchisees end up saving an impressive 40-to-60% reduction in overall water consumption after a water audit. For commercial clients who choose Conserva Irrigation, the gallons saved can be even greater, closer to a 75% reduction. Perhaps best of all, a client satisfied with a water audit becomes a lifelong customer. From that day forward, they know they can depend on his company for all of their irrigation needs.

(To read the full article written by Irrigation & Green Industry, you can click here to visit its official online posting.)

Water Audits are One of Many Keys to a Successful Franchise Location

With the growing popularity of water audits among clients big and small, irrigation franchisees need to start getting in front of this largely untapped source of income within the water conservation industry. However, it can be admittedly tricky to sell a client on a water audit at first. People tend to hear something is environmentally-friendly and think it is financially-unfriendly.

Conserva Irrigation is here to guide and empower all of its franchisees. The nationwide company is renowned for supplying franchisees everything they need to succeed in their chosen market, including the industry knowledge and insight needed to make a great water audit sales pitch to high-potential clients. The company even has plenty of franchisee success stories from people who started their entrepreneurial journey without any knowledge about the green industry!

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